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A Visual History of the Videogame Age 1971-1984

by van burnham

It was a time when technology was king, status was determined by your high score, and videogames were blitzing the world...

From Pong to Pac-Man, Asteroids to Zaxxon, over fifty million individuals have come of age within the electronic flux of the videogame evolution -- their subconscious forever etched with images projected from arcade and home videogame systems around the world.

From the first blips of electronic light at Brookhaven National Labs and the creation of SPACEWAR! at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, to the invention of the revolutionary "Brown Box" and the myriad systems of Magnavox, Atari, Coleco, and Mattel that followed. Through the rise of the golden age of videogames and forward into the imagination of millions -- SUPERCADE is the first book to illustrate and document the history, legacy, and visual language of the videogame phenomenon.

Exuberantly written and lavishly illustrated in full color, SUPERCADE pays tribute to the technology, the games, and the visionaries who together created one of the single most influential periods in the history of computer science -- one that profoundly shaped the modern technological landscape, and swept a generation into the wave of the future...

Includes contributions from such writers and pioneers as Ralph Baer, William Cassidy, Chris Charla, Warren Davis, Julian Dibbell, JM Graetz, Justin Hall, Leonard Herman, Steven Johnson, Ryan Lockhart, Steven Kent, Nick Montfort, Bob Parks, Marc Saltzman, Carl Steadman, Nick Sweeney, Tom Vanderbilt, Michael Wolf, and Todd Zuniga.

Now available in paperback from the MIT Press.



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